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I am a wife and mother of four. I have had many years of experience working with students in and out of the classroom. As I pursued my Master's Degree in Educational Technology, I became aware of the growing need for support for teachers and families as we engage students in 21st Century Learning.

Digital Learning Experiences

Have you ever been asked to tackle a task or problem? Sometimes knowing how to get started is the biggest challenge. Would it help to be handed all the resources and you have to solve it. It would be like getting that bunk bed from IKEA; you have this box with everything you need, but still the task seems ominous.

As teachers are using more digital content, there is the endless possibility to provide challenging tasks and problems for students to wrestle with. But to keep them engaged, teachers can create a digital learning experience that presents the problem, provides all the tools necessary (concepts, practice, research…) and encourages collaboration and discussion.

Here are the slides from a presentation on Creating Dynamic Digital Learning Experiences presented at the CMC conference.


Capture images with Awesome Screenshots

Are you a Chrome user?  Then you can take screen shots with Awesome Screen shots and paste them into documents, share them on Twitter or Facebook, or create a set of images in a project.
Here is how to get started.

Go to the Chrome Web Store.


Search for Awesome Screenshots.




Add it to your Browser Extensions.



Click on the Awesome Screenshots icon.



Sign in using your Google Account.



Choose your Google Account.



Click on the tab of the image you wish to capture and click the Screen Shot icon in your Browser bar.


Choose the type of screen shot you wish to take.


Select the area to capture (if applicable).


Annotate (draw write etc)


Click done.



Right click on the image to copy it.



Find the location to paste it.



Right click where it should be placed and click paste.


Resize as desire.






Create a Digital Learning Experience Hyperdoc

How to Create a Hyper doc Digital Learning Experience


With all the technology available to us today, it becomes a challenge to organize it, direct our students to it, all while keeping them on task.  Packaging a lesson or project into a Google hyperdoc, Google slides, or using a Learning Management system like Schoology or Google Classrooms is the beginning of a digital learning experience.

A Digital Learning Experience is a set of digital activities that integrate conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application or a challenge to engage students in productive struggle.


Let’s look at the process of building a Hyperdoc Digital Learning Experience to challenge 4th – 6th grade students to think about fractions.


  1. Begin with


  1. Open a Google Doc


  1. Create a Table


  1. Give a title above the table.


  1. Merge the first row.


  1. Click in the merged cells then draw the image from the activities in your first cell to get attention.


  1. Begin to draw the number line, then the fractions. Draw the first fraction, by drawing a square. Make it transparent. Then the fraction line. Copy the square and paste it.


  1. Once you have created the first fractions. Draw a box around it by left clicking and drag the box around it. Then Copy and paste.


  1. Add the directions. Draw a box, fill it, then paste in the directions. If the directions have a background color, go to more and change the highlight.


  1. Add the opportunity for the reflection. Draw a box and ask students to reflect. See the download version of the worksheet.


  1. When the drawing is complete Save and close. 


  1. Add directions to get students Hooked. Or an image… etc.


  1. Find digital material for scaffolding and building conceptual understanding. Resources include Khan, digital textbooks, Learn Zillion etc. Paste the hyperlink to each and a description.


  1. Look for practice problems to practice the procedural fluency that is required to solve the problem. This could be digital practice, an assigned worksheet, etc. If this has already happened in class then skip this step.


  1. Find an interactive opportunity for students to explore and receive instant feedback as they practice the concepts. Resources include These free resources are not easy to find. Your school might have a school wide program where you can find specific content.


  1. Add Questions to your Hyperdoc that would indicate your student has reviewed the material or has already mastered the skill required. (*optional: add collaboration*) And add the column for students to indicate they have completed the row.


  1. Begin adding some images to gain attention. Find these on the web my searching for images. Even if you are using this solely for your class, it is good practice to follow the usage rights. However, if you are using it for any other purpose, it is expected.


  1. Provide the opportunity for students to self check their answers.


  1. Provide an example in the DLE or in class.




  1. Last copy the original challenge problem into multiple merged cells for students to complete.


  1. Paste the image.


  1. Format the Color of the rows to add some creativity. Highlight the row or rows. Right click to open the dialog window. Then click table properties.


  1. table-propertiesChange the cell background.


  1. Provide Instructions in the doc for turning it in or as you assign it.