Getting Creative with Desmos Calculator

Twenty First Century instruction should be relevant, involve an authentic audience, encourage collaboration, and develop essential research skills.  Students today must learn to navigate the internet and use information to create projects which demonstrate depth of understanding.

The Graphic Math Art digital learning experience is designed to meet math standards, art standards and technological standards. Beginning with the essential question: “How can I use Geometric shapes to create a logo? students use the resources found on the internet to explore conic sections as they design a logo for a company in a foreign country, then audio record instructions to recreate the logo using digital resources and mathematical discourse. Other students will play the part of the company receiving the logo and recreate the logo on appropriate materials.

As students reflected on the project they remarked on gaining deeper understanding of interval notation, inequalities and writing functions. One student graciously allowed their logo to be included.  This student created a logo for a Japanese company. In the creating of a fan, they used linear functions and parabolic functions with interval notation.  Later, they realized by using absolute value functions, they could have decreased the number of functions. Listening to students discuss the projects and evaluate and analyze their work has been an exciting part of the process. Although the project was written as a digital learning unit for conic sections, it could be adapted for multiple levels of math.

In a effort to explore a different learning tool, I used wiki spaces to create this project rather than Google Sites, Weebly, or my own website. While wiki spaces does not offer the creative imagery that using a personal web site affords, it does offer predictability.  For students with special needs or who are new to digital learning, straight forward navigation is essential.  Additionally,  wiki spaces provides the ability to embed all materials into the space and often is allowed in schools with strong filters.

Click the link below to go to the Graphic Math Art wiki space.


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