Printing Google Doc Comments

Sometimes you need to print comments. For example, if you are taking a road trip or a flight. I know, you can pay for internet or use a hot spot, but I am cheap and I don’t have an expense account. I am also a Google doc user which means all my files are in the cloud and this file is shared with other people.  I have two options, I could download the file and open it with Word, which would retain all my comments, or I could print the file and use pen and paper to edit it on my trip.

I chose the second option. One, because I did not want to be concerned with power, and second because I edit better with paper. However, I really wanted to be able to see my comments. So I did what every person with the internet does, Google Searched how to print my Google doc comments. Through the process, I found an extension, Google Doc Print. At this very moment, only 900 people have downloaded this extension. But I was impressed that the author has kept it up to date. So I took a chance, it printed my document with the comments.

Another great use is for teachers who need to keep a paper or digital folder of student work. For example, most schools are accountable to an accrediting organization. In the west, we are accountable to the  Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Part of the High School accreditation process is demonstrating that students are learning. Many WASC committee’s (those who review the work) want to see the stages of development. While it is possible to give them access to student’s Google Files, using PDF files keeps everything consistent. Using this extension will allow teachers to comment and give suggestions on a draft, print the doc to PDF with the comments, then print the final draft to PDF as well.

It is a pretty simple process. Go to the Chrome Webstore, then search for Google Document with Comments printer. Once it is added to Chrome, you will find it in your browser bar.

To use it, open the Google Doc file in your Drive with the comments, then click the extension (the author has instructions when you find it in the Chrome Webstore). Follow the steps in the dialog box. When the print window opens, you can change the destination of where it prints. For example, if you want to print it to your Google Drive, change the destination to “Save to Google Drive”, where you can even choose which Google Drive. However, it you want to print the document with the comments, find the printer you want. You can also save it to the computer you are using with the Save as PDF.

Once it saves to Google Drive, it will have the same title as the Google doc, but it will be a PDF.  The best method for finding it, is to go to RECENT in your Google Drive. If you are a teacher collecting digital samples you can now move it to another folder, share it,  etc.

There are many great extensions that have been developed to make the impossible possible.